This course is suitable for photographers, retouchers and makeup artists with basic knowledge in working with Photoshop
This course for you if you want:
— To learn how to do beautiful and natural skin retouch without "soapy" effect
— To increase your income with high quality retouching
— To learn my retouching hacks
— To save your time and retouch faster

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  • 1
    Short lessons
    10-20 min lessons for the best understanding
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    Eternal access
    You can starts any time and rewatch the lessons if you forgot something

1 Working with RAW files
How to prepare RAW files for retouching

2 Removing little imperfections
Clean baby hair, any dots, makeup etc

3 Frequency separation
How to use this method correctly to save the texture and save time
How to avoid soapy skin

4 Dodge and Burn
How to make beautiful and natural retouch with this method
Hacks for the best result

5 Makeup, eyes, hair, nails retouch
How to fix any imperfections with few tools fast

6 Color correction and color grading
How to change colors partially and make the image more beautiful
How to make colors pop
How to add more natural highlights

7 Texture and sharpness
Few tools how to enhance skin texture

8 Liquify and saving the image
How to liquify correctly and naturally
How to save the image for WEB

9 Full retouching one image from the beginning to the end

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